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Setting up Audio apps with Jack

Krita is a nice Painting package for Linux.
ccrma - Pronounced 'Karma' an audio workstation with a low-latency kernel, current audio drivers.
mixxx OpenSource DJ-ing software.
SEQ24 Introduction page
ACER Laptop adjustments
Acer Links
Currently reading Jack Audio Server. Notes
System configuration

  1. Problem 1. You are not a member of the Audio group: Generates errors like, Your system has an audio group, but you are not a member of it. Solution: System - Administration - Users and Groups then unlock the application and select Manage Groups. Then select the audio group, click Properties and tick your username. OR sudo usermod -a -G audio <yourusername> Thereafter type groups <user> and audio should be one of the groups listed.
  2. Connect all the options using Jack connect, Before everything else start up jack or you will just get errors. Then:
    1. SEQ24-out-2 → Hydrogen
    2. VirtualKeys-Out → SEQ24-IN
    3. SEQ24-out-1 → ZynAddSubFX-In I managed to get this working in the Audio-tab, Zyn→System. in the Alsa-tab Seq24-1→Zyn
  1. Set up instruments
    1. Load a drumkit into Hydrogen.
    2. ZynAddSubFX - is a synth. Load Banks:
      1. Instrument→Show Instrument Bank→DropDown Select Bank, then instrument. You may have to download the complete set of banks from if so put them in a folder called '~/banks'
      2. Set MidiChnlRecv to 2., and ensure 'Enable' is selected.
      3. Next Select Midi Channel 3, Enable it, and use the instrument Library to Choose a Rhodes piano. I'll have to write this in more detail it wasn't obvious at first, tho' it's easy
  2. In SEQ24 - set the tempo

Having managed to get a Sequence going, open Ardour and add a track, then Shift+E to get the mixer on the left. At the top of that it has the track name (Maybe Audio 1?) then a space with a number in asterixes, then a “Record”
Click the Middle one and select edit. Add the Hydrogen and Synth outputs to this, and they will record when you press play. Took me a while to figure that out. But now I have the whole thing with basic functionality - still to do is add an FX rack to Jack, and make Jack the Maser Controller for everything. Ardour in ite=self is complex, but I think it is also very capable. For example you needn't record everything onto the one track. Or, if your processor begins to tire driving too many synths, then record those onto one track, and synch that track with a new batck of sequencer outputs.

System Tweeks anf other useful stuff on this site.
Also, Linux Audio tweeks

Ultimately if I ever get this working I should check out ecasound for capturing the emitted audio, and compare it with freebirth.
A pitch tracker for guitar
Ingen - I can't seem to keep away from this audio programming thing.

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