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SharePoint Development Notes

SharePoint 2013 Development
SENAS from Home

WTSA Award Form Research

A New Narrative
spoint-dev Setup…. Yo! Why aren't you showing?
MS SharePoint Learning Resources

Old Stuff from when I was first handed the chalice
VM Installation Saga : There's no enough room.
Installing II : Nuh.
Installation III : A New Server Request
Installation IV : Whur's Ma DNS?
External Users Procedure
Repository Mapping, A Dream.
Old Start page

Courses Completed

05/11/2012The Microsoft C# 4.0 Programming Language
07/01/2013Windows Communication Foundation using Visual Studio 2010
21/01/2013SharePoint 2010, Application Development
04/02/2013ASP.NET 4.0 Web Applications using Visual Studio 2010

The ones with the green ticks - materials for these courses are on my D Drive.

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