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New Server Request

This was my communication with the Help desk rrequesting a re-supply of the server.

The original description of your problem was:-

For attn: Sebastian Truswell

This is to confirm via Support Works a verbal request for a new Virtual Machine Template to accept a Sharepoint Development Environment.

As you are aware, I have been through two earlier attempts to build the environment, without success, and in consultation with John Thom, we feel that for the third attempt (in case it is successful), we should start with a completely clean VM. I understand John Thom will be discussing his take on this new VM with you.

For my part, can I remind you of the following issues already encountered:

  1. I need to be able to login to the VM ;-)
  2. The server should appear on the DNS tables.
  3. Access to two CD copies are required during my part of the process
    1. D:\i386.
    2. D:\cmpnents\r2
      (Actually, subject to whatever you agree with John T., it doesn't have to be the D: drive.
  4. Finally, at each attempt, there has been insufficient space on C:\ to complete the Development Environment. Accordingly I would be grateful if a further 5-10 Gbytes could be allocated to C:\ This would be in addition to whatever you decide to do regarding partitioning. i.e. We had the 2 CD copies on D:\, and wherever possible data and documentation installation was directed there too. However, the Windows installation procedures don't give a lot of choice in this, and counting the two CD images you copied, 20 Gbytes still remain unused. So, you could afford to reduce D:\'s space allocation by 10Gbytes, and that would still leave space for 10Gbytes of any further data generated once we're up and running.

Moving on.. Installing II

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