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Installing Sharepoint Server


See also: third_installation_attempt

WINDOWS SHAREPOINT SERVER - Enterprise Content Management.

Pre-install Minimum Requirements

Processor: 2.5 GHz; RAM: 1Gb; Disk: 3Gb, NTFS; DVD Drive.

Preinstalled Software requirements

Windows Server 2003 r2 \\
Windows Workflow Foundation 
	Net 3.0
	Net 2.0
		- Enable ASP
		- IIS
		- Web Service Extensions (WSX)
		- SMTP  (email)
		- TURN OFF Internet Explorer Enhanced Securtiy Configuration
			this is found under ControlPanel:Add/Rem.Programs:Add/Rem.WindowsComponents
	Active Directory (Optional) 

SQL Express is not required pre-installed as the trial version of Microsfot Office Sharepoint Services will install SQL Express.

Then you must install

	MOSS Office Server & SDK
	Visual Studio 2008 ( paid version - Express doesn't work)
	Visual Studio Extensions v1.2  ( VSeWSSv12.exe )
	ASP.NET AJAX extension
	AJAX Control Toolkit
	Sharpoint Designer  (Need not be on the VM - local is fine.)

For much of the early procedure, the VM was not recognised by DNS Server, therefore I did not have a working network address. In other instances the software did not allow intstallation over a network (assuming I had one.) Consequently I installed Filezilla FTP Server and ISO Disk mounter (VCDControl), and upload the ISO CD images to the VM.

This worked for MSVC# CD, and theoretically would work for others
However, post-install routines failed, and everything had to be reinstalled.

There were 3 major problems with the delivered VM

1.No login ID registered for me
2.No DNS registration for the VM
3.Insufficient disk space.

Supplementary Installations required

FileZilla FTP Server is 0.9.34 to copy across CDs to the VM

Microsoft's (unsupported) VCDControl instructions are in its readme.


WSPBuilder Extensions 1.0.6

SharePoint Solution Installer V1.2.2

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