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Memo to self: You keep a shorthand pad marked 'P' saying what you were working on last.


GDB Debugger
PCRE Documentation
Resolving compilation dependency errors - dead handy.
Dani web C Forum
Qt Open Source Development Governance
Snippet to detect endianness of a platform.
GDBM Documentation - GNU implementation of Unix dbm library.
Example Usage of GDBM
GNU Invocation - Discover where GNU is looking for files.
Advance Bash Scripting
GNU Binary Utilities Manual page. (e.g. windres).
Essential GIT - currently I don't use GIT. My notes:Using GIT My notes on using GIT versioning system.
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Mingw compilation pkgcnfg and glibc - requires cross-compilation.
Gradually Change Tempo - this is Java code which I might be able to translate.
x-compile Windows to SPARC -
information about why MSVC 6.0 and MSVCRT are still popular
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Online MIT Course, Video Lectures and Book by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman.

The Audio Programming Book, Boulanger & Lazzarini, 2011.

DSL xCompiler - Damn Small Linux cross-comiling - the story.



Polygon clipping library i.e. Unions and crops, etc. of overlapping contours. See also pre-compiled versions.
Qt Editor License The interest of this email is not so much the license stuff, but the fact of, and URL to, the Qt (Nokia) Open Source programming IDE which many say is really good. I note it here because I think I would like to evaluate it.
GeoClue Location reporting.

How to..

libcurl and libxml2

Asked to investigate cookies on every page mentioned in the University of Aberdeen A to Z, I decided this was an opportunity to try using these two libraries to write a scraper. In the first instance just to look at the A-Z and store (without duplicates) all the URLs in a mysql table, and then call each one using libcurl, building a document tree. I'll be amazed if I get that far.
The Scraper Story

Getting Organised

Recommended Programmers IDE

I consider the difficulties of getting organised with programming -
even getting started. Two days later - still haven't started.
Basically I am stuck. Shall I try writing a specification for
something - even if at the time of writing I don't know how do it.

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