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Notes on Processing experiments - Generative data visualisation techniques.

Completed Exercises

There are a variety of basic techniques for programmatically displaying data in creative ways.
This section is going to explore them (when I have time) following this book:
Generative Gestaltung
See also Open Processing
It's basically my aide memoire for things pertaining.
SVG Maps - I think I might use progammable maps in the long run.


I downloaded the WIN32 Zip file unpacked it to its folder in Program files.
I already had v1.5.1, so processing-2.0b7 landed alongside it.
Then change Windows Start Menu Shortcut to point to the new version.
And, finally, the two versions scripts are not compatible, so I had to change the location of the Sketches (srources) folder.
To do this completely satisfactorily, I made a subfolder there for the v1.5.1, and restored the shortcut to it. Thus I have access to the two versions.

Download the book's code package (43Mb) so I unpack it to F:\Programming\Processing (Hereafter referred to as 'Elements')
I installed all the 3rd party libs except for geomerative the site was down at the time.

Completed Ex1 - ColourFields - maybe I'll get a Javascript version in the end.
Here are the exercise results as I complete them - a page for each one.

Data on the internet - this is a good resource.

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