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EQing Nylon string guitars
Electro-music dot com - worth checking out for ambient electronica discussion.
Strings for me
Multiac Nylon SA UK - covetousness on my part.
Tessoua Dept 1 - “The Premise of our Philosophy” - A fun project.
Tessoua Dept 2: Facts are not science
MIDI Research - Can I make a MIDI stream tracker?
Closet Recording
CSound Topic
Xenakis Discussion
GM Drum layout - (Instruments are further up the page.)
LR16 - Fostex's duff multi-track recorder.
LMMS Tutorials - The Linux FLStudio
Music General
Music Project - RANDOM
MyLogos (currently this is a blank page!
Mystery Bear
Pete Jeffels
SFZ Project
VST Cafe
Win32 Recording What you hear
Figured Bass Notes
mf2tXP and t2mfxp Text to MIDI utilities.
Better rig than me!
Replacement AXON Power supply
An overview of WAV loopers

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