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Csoundo- A Csound library for Processing: Jacob Joaquin, Conor Robotham, Rory Walsh Copyright © 2010
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Sonic Visualiser
Csound & Arduino as a controller?
Sample Snippets - from a large audio file of multiple takes
Embedded Orchestras - Embedding text (orchestras) in C++ programming.
Retaining beat relativity after tempo changes.
Csound Threads - Threads on the CSound list I find interesting.
MIDI Workaround - CSound Master MIDI controlling multiple units:
CSound API - Getting started with the CSound API.
PYO - A python module for Sound Processing - a decent CSound manual.
Drum machine
Lots of howtos - Iain McCurdy
Pure Data - Composing Environment for Electronic Music - Csound list archive
Processing - an image processing language for artists.
An interesting discussion on writing a Kalimba in CSound (some call it a thumb-piano).
Stair Stepping
Stretched Partials
Pinched Guitar Harmonics - a discussion about creating these and related FX.
soundfonts - Playing Soundfonts.
Following MIDI Tempo Maps
Xenakis Discussion - just a snippet which interested me.
CSound and Portamento - thread extracts.
realtime csound work A thread on the same.
Changing envelope length at k-rate.
UPF Spain - Several Music Research Projects.
Physical vs. Spectral Modelling.
Beat-slicing & Time Stretching
national open studio for Development & Research in Electro-Acoustic Media
ATS Spectral Modelling Code
CSound Stereo Enhancement I once read about another trick that wasn't mentioned in the latest CSound journal, but I haven't tried it yet. It uses an equalizer to boost the 1 to 3 kHz range and reduce the 3 to 5 kHz range on one channel, and the opposite on the other channel, all by a few dB. The numbers I mentioned can of course be changed as you like.. Finally, could try the stereoWidth UDO
Spectral Delay Example
logoSuggestions.svg My logo ideas for Csound, done in an hour.

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