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Msys & MinGW Tips


Capturing the output from make: make &> /tmp/make.log

Setting non-default Home directory

I'm using msys on Windows XP, and for some reason it thinks my ~
directory is C:/msys/1.0/home/janssen. Is there some way I can get
it to use what Windows thinks is my home directory?

Simply set the HOME environment variable in the windows environment
before starting MSYS.

More precise - set it in /etc/profile
Something like

if [ -z "$HOME" -o ! -d "$HOME" ]; then

rxvt discussion

rxvt is intended to be a slimmed-down replacement for xterm, and so is fairly unnecessary for most applications of Msys. Consequently I should tend to run

msys.bat --norxvt

See here

msys list online

Discover your compiler defined macros with

gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null
or on Windows..
gcc -dM -E - < NUL

Mixing Compilers (and runtimes) See article here

Alternative (Twilight Dragon Media - TDM) Mingw Build which is proving popular.

My home Msys profile

Emacs in Msys

I find they work well together anyway. It is true that Emacs doesn't 
understand the /c/ style path prefix but in practice this doesn't seem 
to cause me any problems. You need to start Emacs from MSYS so that it 
is running in an MSYS shell. I have the following in my ~/.profile:

export PATH=/c/emacs-23.1/bin/:$PATH
export SHELL=sh
export EDITOR=emacsclient

With this setup I can just run emacs from the shell:

$ emacs

With the standard Emacs configuration I can compile, debug, run a shell, 
etc. Filesystem access uses Windows paths, but these tools seem to 
handle the changeover correctly.

windres is completely separate from the preprocessor, linker, etc. You must call windres separately. If you want to add resources to your .exe, you must:

1) compile your source file(s) to .o with g++
2) compile your .rc file to .o with windres
3) link all the object files to make an executable with g++.

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