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Native Client is an interesting Google initiative - it allows one to write C++, etc. code and then run it in a browser. I am interested because it could ultimately become a means of having OSG run across Networks, or be the Library machine interface. Basically it allows one's development to become portable. But, would there be latency issues?

OSG on Mobiles?

  • Details - Osg on Windows Mobile. To add support to OpenGL ES, and so to run OGRE on mobile devices. Sinbad added a new OpenGL ES render system which didn't support multiplatform and only had GTK implemented. Assaf Raman started reworking a win32 OpenGL ES emulator and added win32 support and the base for other platform implementations (similar to the OpenGL render system). After some shifting of header files, etc., he and follow999 got it compiling. So worth keeping an eye on whether they get OSG across onto mobiles.

Medical Research

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