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Inkscape Tutorials
SVG with svgweb- Making SVG interactive.
Download svgweb - JS SVG Animation utilities.
Talk about SVGWeb
This uses svgweb and shows what can be done.
SVGweb Quickstart

Inkscape for Presentations

JessyInk Tutorial -
Sozi - roam a poster.
To install Sozi requires
PyGTK for Python 2.6.x ( pygtk-all-in-one-2.24.2.win32-py2.6.msi ) this package istalls Cairo, etc., too.
Development times are so fraught, Python is still growing and so installation of all the components so that they are found is a nightmare. So don't try to do this at the last minute, it's non-trivial figuring out what is and isn't installed and what paths should be set to. The advice to copy all of what is in the python26 directory to inkscape is rediculous - 240+ Mbytes duplicated!! On yer bike.
I insalled the pyGTK, and Glade UI Designer. The UI Designer ran OK, so I'm assuming pyGTK is functional - but will Inkscape detect it?
Glade is installed in C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\gtk-2.0\runtime\bin\glade-3.exe

But no - Inkscape uses its own copy of Python - and so doesn't find the pkGTK stuff. Sozi doesn't run. Here is a list of the libraries use to compile Inkscape Inkscape Dependencies
No, Sozi doesn't work without
“Copy all files from C:\Python26 to C:\Program Files\Inkscape\python” - that's a show stopper!
Still I did it to evaluate it, and it worked - I next compare it against the installed Jessyink.

JessyInk Effects List
JessInk Quickstart

JessyInk was more buggy - When I first pulled in the presentation - because it was on A4 size it displayed far too big in the browser - I just saw the top corner. I resized, and all the positioning got out of synch. - the presentation fell apart. I couldn't really fix it. I would have to start again from scratch. That would be a serious downer in a production environment. It does have views - a means of zooming and rotating into parts of the slide. My computer had problems transitioning across them - so may they are not as optimized as Sozi.

Sozi has this big problem that you have to copy the whole of one's phython installation into the Inkscape directory for it to work - that is really silly in this day and age. Can they not figure out some way to make the paths relative to the system installation for the required module? I don't know whether this is a failing of Python; InkScape; or Sozi, but it is a disappointment.

Sozi on the other hand is nice because it gets rid of the notion of “slides”. You can just have one enormous poster and zoom from one part to the next. A good addition to this would be for the zooming business to follow user defined paths - at the moment it just seems to travel “as the crow flies” from one area to the next, zooming across a random, fragmented jumble of text and patches of colour. Looks nice, but eventually you would want it to go along, for example, a meaningful series of words.

So, buggy versus bloated, but keep a perspective! Both are OpenSource software, and impressively good and usable (with care) as they stand. They really are a wonderful contribution to techno-humanity. I will use them.

Verdict: Sozi is the more “creative” adventurous way to think about your presentation, and more likely to keep your audience attentive.

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