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Emu Stuff

Running Commentary - I only get to considering my emus on rare occasions, ans forget what I was doing last with them - this anacedotal commentary is suppoised to remind mt where I'm at.

MidiBox Roll your own MIDI controllers. In the long run this might be interesting.
JSynthLib - Roll your own synth librarian.

SCSI Card Setup

There are several options

Probing Avasys 5150/42 onLinux kernal. Probably more toruble than it's worth.
The Other option is to install an old Adaptec AVA-1505-1515 card in my windows computer - it has the correct connecter for my existing SCSI cable to the Emu.

There is a “Format utility for legacy Adaptec SCSI host adapters, v1.33” - I don't at this point know what it is, but…

advansys Linux and Avansys.

Can the AVA-1515 work under Windows NT? Detailed explanation oof the following para.

Question I've been trying to locate the adaptec drivers for an ava-1505/1515 ISA scsi adapter which is installed on a NT workstation. where can these be obtained? Ans The device is called sparrow and the driver is for a aic-6×60 isa or if it is a ava-1515 use it, open scsi in control panel, goto drivers, select adaptec if ava-1505 use the aic-6×60

I put several files on my Dropbox - about SysEx on Eos - Apparently there isn't much information about it since Emu didn't release it.
However there is a sketchy artcile as it pertain to the Proteus, with some hope that perhaps it also pertains to the other instruments.
Zoeos has become Open Source, but looks like it requires some expensive commercial modules to compile. They also use OpenSMDI - or are planning to - it is also in some disarray.
So I didn't get very far by close of play today.

Article about sysex that looks worth a read.
JSynthLib looks a little daunting - even to understand the documentation. - Though not impossible, and I shoud take a try of it to see whether it does anything - though it seems to be predominantly Windows based - I am on the wrong computer at the moment. (This is also a potential problem with Zoeos too, though they seem to be trying to address it.

That leaves us with Constructor. How's it doing these days?
Creative's E-mu forum - which apparently my email has already joined. I should ask there about the sysex stuff.

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