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My emacs TIPS Collection
setting up tramp for remote file editing.
Setting up emacs for programming in C.
Using eProject project management plug-in - I didn't use this much - so I uninstalled it for now.
Templates Project
eProject Online Docs
Treelogic's dot file for emacs - maybe some stuff can be copied?
Jump to file-at-point..
Ubuntu Documentation for Emacs Community
Intro. to eLisp - this is not quite the same as the one in the Info file though.
Setting up emacs for Msys/MinGW
TIPS - emacs tips I pick up along the way.
Compiling on Unix
Running on a foreign account
Rebinding keypresses
Templates in emacs - A neccessary facility which requires some LISP knowledge.
Online Edition 2.9 of the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, corresponding to GNU Emacs version 22.1.
Emacs Wiki
Elisp Cookbook
Emacs color themes
Introduction to eLisp Programming.
MPlayer Compilation: (This would result in a command line music player which could be run from within emacs. However it's a major odessy to compile mPlayer - but probably worth it. See: MPlayer, MinGW, How to.. and mPlayerHQ, Windows docs The main site.
… and the emacs lisp to handle the rest, once you have the Player is: This looks like a worthwhile thing to crack because it would add a media browser to emacs - handy for writing presentations.
1997 source for Emacs Lisp
Paul Graham, On Lisp (PDF)
Knowledgeable Elisp Blogger
GNU Emacs FAQ For MS Windows.

Now that my WIKI has shifted I must use emacs to edit it remotely.
I considered moving it to the laptop, but that would mean I couldn't read it on other machines.
So in emacs, CxCf // (ignore the little planet sign) give the password and off you go.

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