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Dreamplug Notes

Bricked the plug - First looks at dealing with the problem.
Unbrick ShivaPlug - next attempt to figure out what to do.
Basically when I bricked it, it turned out that the documentation for Shiva/Guru/Dream..Plug was abyssmal and conflicting - which was why I bricked it in the first place - following advice which was insufficiently accurate. Since then I have been all over garnerin different and conflicting information about the solution. There is no straightforward explanation, and so I really have to figure out for myself what to do. This has become something of a divertisement since I purchased a Cubox - a far smaller and faster mini-computer - which worked out the box and is better documented. Dreamplug is rather slow - it felkt like programming a mobile - it was sluggish, and let's face it, a waste of money. Still, it is good to learn on, has a good few i/o options which makes me think - should I ever get it working - it might be useful for some sort of hiTech artwork using Processing and an Arduino. Don't hold yuour breath though!
LEAP Motion hand gesture recognizer/controller
About JTag Bios Access.
Getting Started
Linux from Scratch - learn Linux by building the system from scratch - seems like a good idea.
Oops, bricked the plug!

Streaming Media - Evaluating how to stream from Dreamplug.

LibFTDI - is required to speak to the JTAG debugger. Some threads say that the seeming “Bricked plug” is actually caused by the FTDI-driver not being the ost recent.

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