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  • Mingw package - This is an up-to-date version of all the things you need for C/C++ compilation. You would delete the earlier stuff ad substitute this set of files. Also, good advice on setting up the environment.
  • As the above page says - it is poprobably a good idea to work with both the main compilers on Windows - thus, also MSVC Express from Microsoft.
  • Precompiled Headers - about them.
  • CoApp is a new initiative to collect together an Open Source repository of applications and their dependencies, and specifically aligning the collection to Windows requirements.
  • GCC documentation.
  • An article on cross-compiling - because the site name “bytesex” was blocked by our servers, I had to copy this from Google Cache It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 7 Jul 2010 22:45:27 GMT.
  • Dependency Walker is for windows and provides insight into what a program is looking to link to. Related FAQ
  • Cross compiling x264 on Ubuntu for Win32 - a useful page for a detailled explanation of how to go about compiling a library.
  • IBM Tutorial on .so files - very readable and understandable.
  • CppUnit is a FOSS test suite for making units tests of your coding. A bit beyond me right at this moment, buteducational.
  • wxWiki article on cross-compiling.
  • Knowledgeable article on cross-compiling GTK Apps from Linux→Windows. He also supplies an addendum on cross-compiling DLLs. These are well worth reading even if your not using GTK, as they give a complete context.
  • IBM Developer Works This Linux library includes a wide range of technical articles and tips, tutorials, and IBM Redbooks.
  • Static and dynamic libs explained at YoLinux,com - an excellent resource.
  • Openscenegraph cross-compilation reference (don't know how recent it is though. May have some clues.

A problem I need to reference is - cross-compiling dynamic libraries. When I do this I get .dll.a files. I don't know what these are, but here's a couple of links to read.

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