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OSG on Android - a watch page. - RootzWiki is dedicated to assisting you in gaining root access on your Android phone. Root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system.

Android Development Environment

<p>Things are moving forward in Android land, and Android Developers Blog recently announced <a href="">Updated SDK Tools and ADT revision 17</a>, which adds new features to the Lint static checker, improvements to the emulator and Eclipse/Ant build systems and an updated Support library. Check the release notes for details.</p>   <p>We&#8217;ll also steer you to for a large and growing series of <a href="">Android Tutorials</a>. These don&#8217;t necessary use the latest versions of Android, but will get you started with the feature set available to a large number of Android devices currently in customers&#8217; hands.</p>

Writing an Android App in C++ - a series of articles.
Tips on Android Development
FOSS Android testing
Android Market Stats.
Connecting Nexus to Ubuntu
Linux Tutorial Site
Android<->JSON<->PHP/Mysql see similar reading Twitter feeds as JSON

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