John Montgomery's web site. John Montogmery is semi-retired, working as a waiter, and attending to his creative pursuits during the frequent zero-hours. Plenty of time to pursue painting and sonic art.

This is a whole other site reflecting my painterly pursuits.
I graduated MMus:Sonic Arts, 2016, with distinction. These are some of the coursework pieces I did.
My final performance piece incorporating
drone pedal software I wrote. This was good fun do - out of my comfort zone. I also use dust processed from this quarry, for some of the pigment in my paintings.
Animated Graphical Analysis I did of
Adrian Moore's inspirational "Study in Ink". To my ears the whole piece builds a cartoon world using the sounds of a dry marker on a whiteboard.
For many years I took part friends in weekly
worship music vigils in my church and in King's College Chapel,
jamming on songs I wrote.
We decided to take our vigils on tour around several
churches in the area. This was the scgedule.

Why "The Vigils"?
Originally, this site housed recordings made at Thursday and Friday Vigils from 2004 - 2015, Held in King's College Chapel, and my mither kirk.. The Vigils were "waiting before God" in music. Because it was published, to avoid copyright issues, I wrote the worship songs, and we basically improvised around those. There are hours of them stored on this site.